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Brian Merrion

Climb Real Estate

251 Rhode Island St #105, San Francisco, CA 94103

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San Francisco, CA


As a fourth generation Realtor, I have always been surrounded by the business of real estate. As a child, I remember touring homes with my parents and carrying my own little hammer through the construction of property flips. I have learned this business through the people closest to me. My background spans more than real estate. My experience in the automotive industry taught me how to provide quality expertise and representation to clients.
My passion for real estate has been fueled by my personal connection to the business. Together, in 2003, my brother Dan and I decided to blaze our own trail and establish City Point Realty. Since then, our success in Chicago led us to open our second location in San Francisco.
At City Point, we respond to each client individually. We take the time to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of service. Whether you are looking for your first home or looking to buy a commercial building, we provide uniquely tailored searches to suit all your needs. 

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428 Baden Avenue, South San Francisco, CA, USA, 94080

  • Posted: 7/26/2018 4:35:30 PM
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sqft (approx)

$950,000 USD

In conjunction with Rita Sinclair and George Langford of Climb Real Estate we are proud to announce the unique opportunity to acquire a 7K~+ SQFT lot in prime South San Francisco zoned Downtown Residential Core (DRC). Currently a single family home occupies the property. Downtown Residential Core (DRC). The Downtown Residential Core sub-district is located in the Downtown in the remainder of the Pedestrian Priority Zone not defined as Grand Avenue Core or Downtown Transit Core. This sub-district is defined by Tamarack Lane on the north, Second Lane on the south, Spruce Avenue on the west, and Airport Boulevard on the east. This district is intended to provide for high density residential neighborhoods near the center of Downtown and within about ½ mile of the Caltrain Station. This sub-district allows, but does not require commercial uses on the ground floor. This sub-district will provide additional residential opportunities within an area that will have significant pedestrian and bicycle improvements to allow easy access to Caltrain and the employment center east of US 101. Please see website for more info on Chapter 20.280 DOWNTOWN STATION AREA SPECIFIC PLAN DISTRICT :