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Cherie Hansen


RE/MAX of Bigfork

8545 Montana 35

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Bigfork, MT


Cherie’s principles began with her great, great grandfather, Montana’s first governor. Born and raised in Montana, Cherie grew up in a close knit family on the Swan River. Her father was a leading Realtor in Montana, and household conversations often centered on real estate. Cherie listened, watched and learned the finesse and skill he exhibited while assisting clients. She demonstrates the essence of loyal service and the importance of respecting a client’s investment daily in her own career. A highly regarded, successful real estate professional since 1978, Cherie is a natural choice for those looking to realize results whether buying or selling property in the Flathead area. Her love of the area and people has earned her a reputation as a local resource, someone to turn to when you need answers. If you’re selling, Cherie doesn’t wait for buyers to come to your property. She goes out and finds them with marketing, advertising, networking and promotion. If you’re buying, Cherie understands you aren’t just looking for a place to live, but a lifestyle. That’s why she listens closely and takes the time to get to know you and your expectations with a property purchase. There is one thing that is clear when you work with Cherie--she loves where she lives and what she does. Real estate is in her blood. Her first priority is to provide you with a rewarding experience. Call Cherie Hansen today and see firsthand how adept she is at maintaining her family’s tradition of excellence in Montana while creating a legacy all her own.

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