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10 Via le Rimembranze, Vescovado, Toscana, Italy, 53016

  • Posted: 6/3/2024 8:37:32 AM






sqm (approx)

1 800 000 € EUR

It is well known by now how much I love to travel and, above all, to observe. Work visits always turn out to be extraordinary opportunities to learn and experience fantastic moments. Today's stroll took me within the walls of Murlo, a small and pristine medieval village nestled in the heart of a wild and unspoiled territory. It captivates because it is far from mass tourism and evokes life from another era. However, what surprises most is the surrounding territory and, in particular, its inhabitants, who bear an extraordinary resemblance to Etruscan paintings. It's not just my observation; I discovered that it has recently been proven that the local population carries Etruscan DNA. This is because it was a fiefdom of the Bishops of Siena and remained isolated for centuries. All of this holds enormous charm for me, but the most incredible experience came during the visit to the property. A fantastic sensation enveloped me, as if my brain were an independent organ sketching out projects at a rapid pace, crumpling and throwing them aside, engrossed in another fantastic idea. I almost seemed to see all those balls of paper scattered disorderly on the terracotta floor. And my heart danced to the waltz of euphoria unleashed by adrenaline. Upon entering the atrium of the first palace, I immediately realized that the term B&B was an understatement, as the structure lends itself to various solutions. Visiting the first two floors already set up to accommodate guests in its 7 rooms with attached bathrooms sparked in me a desire to preserve all the beauty that already exists and perhaps enhance it with some modern furnishings here and there, highlighting the enchanting ancient terracotta floors and tiles, but toning down the colors and favoring white. Once downstairs, the alcoves won me over. Here, one can truly decide to do something in addition to the upper floors and thus dedicate oneself to breakfasts, lunches, events, but I believe that's limiting it; it's primarily a place to share. The niches suggest tastings, possibly of excellent Tuscan wines and olive oil, but one could also focus on products made perhaps with a personal brand, creating a small production. Considering the splendid and enormous fully equipped kitchen, one could think of exclusive pastry-making to delight the guests' palates. But I wouldn't rule out dedicating oneself to catering in the wonderful vaulted halls, with typical Tuscan cuisine products, organizing events, aperitifs, themed dinners both indoors and outdoors, in the splendid garden and by the poolside. Did I tell you that strolling within these walls has inspired me with lots of ideas and images of what could be done? Now, you too can take a walk, breathe this pure air, lose yourself in the idyllic landscape, and think that you could have not only a business but a whole new life for yourself and your family. But when you need your privacy and tranquility, you can always retreat to the annex where a beautiful three-bedroom apartment awaits you. Will you be able to enjoy your spaces and have everything under control? Are you still thinking about it?