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Elisabeth Pfingst

HomeSmart Fine Homes and Land

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Prescott, Arizona


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  • Biography: Having been raised in a beautiful Pennsylvania farmhouse build in 1742, I have always had an avid interest in how people live and where they live. In my early youth it became evident that I possessed two gifts, one for the decorative arts and the other sailing. I became well accomplished in both, rising to the national level of small boat racing. The experience honed in me a deeply competitive spirit coupled with the conviction that teamwork is an ever essential element in getting your vessel to the finish line. I am particularly proud of the years I spent teaching and coaching youngsters in the myriad skills required to sail, especially on the competitive level. However, real estate, as a profession, has continued to interest me and to be honest it is far more remunerative than either sailboat racing or ceramics. One year ago I adopted the City of Prescott and it’s gorgeous terrain as my new home. I am in love with our locale and I am absolutely thrilled to have joined the HomeSmart team. My success as a realtor is very much driven by my ability to keep a keen eye on the shifting winds of the marketplace, ever ready to change tacks when new circumstances and opportunities appear on my horizon...

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