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34 Via Tavola d'Argento, Rieti, Lazio, Italy, 02100

  • Posted: 6/1/2024 3:12:51 PM






sqm (approx)

2 300 000 € EUR

19th Century villa with park Welcome to this magnificent neoclassical estate nestled in the heart of Italy, Rieti. It is a perfect place for anyone seeking elegance, history, tranquility and and entrepreneurial ventures. This meticulously restored property offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of Italian heritage surrounded by captivating landscapes and architectural marvels. LAYOUT: Nineteenth-century Palace: Spanning 460 square meters, this villa is organized on the ground level, featuring grand spaces like a spacious living room with a fireplace, two additional lounges, a dining area, a generously sized kitchen with a separate entrance, and various utility rooms. Ascending via a elegant wooden staircase, the first floor hosts a total of seven bedrooms and four bathrooms. The villa's principal facade showcases a distinctive neoclassical design, characterized by a central structure flanked by two narrower and lower wings. Notably, the crowning tympanum bears an inscription marking the date A.D./MDCCCXX. Neoclassical Staircase: Nestled at the rear of the majestic neoclassical villa, the panoramic terrace offers a breathtaking vantage point, showcasing a staircase with two striking opposing flights that gracefully descend to the garden below. The Italian garden: In the past, the Italian garden boasted a parterre of meticulously crafted pots, giving rise to vibrant flowerbeds. Today, one can still behold a charming circular fountain at its heart, aligning all the geometric elements. This area serves as a terrace, offering panoramic views of the valley. Descending a few steps in line with the building's facade leads to another tier, adorned with four prominent palm trees and neatly trimmed Vosso hedges enclosing two magnificent magnolia specimens. From this vantage point, one can enjoy a breathtaking vista of the Rieti valley and Mount Terminillo. The Pavilion: this building spanning 440 m2, now functions as a versatile space housing a greenhouse, tool shed, garage, cellar, and oven. In its past life, it served as a tea room and billiard room, evident in the exquisite frescoed ceilings depicting celestial scenes. The building's design is strikingly eclectic, reflecting a romantic neo-Gothic aesthetic. Its layout features a central structure with a double lancet window adorned with pointed arches, flanked by two lower wings housing elegant French windows. This Romanesque church: nestled behind the pavilion the old church presents a unique business opportunity as an event venue. Adorned with a gabled façade, intricate terracotta and stucco bas-relief in the tympanum, and featuring a portico with round arches facing the valley, it exudes historical charm. With its small five-way apse and cylindrical tower, reminiscent of traditional Romanesque architecture, this structure likely served as a sanctuary in its past life, now ripe for transformation into a captivating event space. Temple: This small private chapel boasts a circular layout, complete with a dome and central oculus, resembling a miniature version of the Pantheon in terms of architectural design. Park: The villa resides within a picturesque park atop a hill, surrounded by majestic oaks and elms. Accessible through a gate adjacent to the farmer's farmhouse, a pathway meanders amidst domestic pines, leading up to an obelisk. This obelisk serves as a focal point, marking a right-angle turn guiding the route towards the villa. The pathway traverses a grove populated primarily by oaks, holm oaks, and chestnut trees. HIGHLIGHTS: Meticulous conservation efforts have preserved the villa's historical integrity while modernizing essential systems. The property is secured by a protective wall, and the former animal market has been transformed into a tennis court for leisure and recreation. LIFE-STYLE: Experience a harmonious living environment characterized by fresh air, abundant sunlight, and lush vegetation. Discover a thriving business environment offering abundant opportunities and prosperity. Benefit from strategic positioning at 530 meters above sea level, ensuring a temperate climate and breathtaking views. LOCATION: The villa stands in Castelfranco, once a pivotal point between the Papal State and the Bourbon Kingdom. Nestled in Sabina, just 70km from Rome, its elevated location offers unparalleled prestige, commanding views of the valley. Its proximity to the town center and convenient accessibility further enhance the allure of this exceptional property. DON'T MISS this opportunity to own a piece of Italian history and create timeless memories in this enchanting neoclassical estate in the heart of Italy.