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54 - Francisco Uh May, Coba Road, Q.Roo, Mexico, 77796

  • Posted: 5/23/2022 10:17:18 PM


sqm (approx)

Neighborhood: The Magic Road Tulum Coba

$66,700 USD

Residential lot in Tulum, with outdoor amenities, green areas, in a gated community between Tulum & Coba mayan ruins. Single-family lots, with green areas and exclusive amenities in gated communities for sale on Avenida Coba Tulum. Concept created to enjoy green spaces, with outdoor amenities. ABOUT THE COMMUNITY: Concept created to enjoy green spaces and nature, with outdoor amenities. Large preserved green areas surround the residential areas seeking to integrate the living space with the jungle, Outdoor recreational areas and common spaces surrounded by nature, seek interaction between residents and promote outdoor life. These lots are located inside a private zone inside a Gated community with 117 single-family land use plots. THIS DEVELOPMENT IS A PLANNED COMMUNITY OF 20 HECTARES THAT WILL CONSERVE 65% OF ITS FOREST - It consists of multi-family and single-family lots that will also have an exhibition of art and signature sculptures that you can appreciate within it. That is why they create a new way of living and coexisting in balance with the planet's resources. The Architecture will be one with the jungle; it will integrate, conserve, and respect the environment, creating a place of peace, freedom, energy and privacy. Description: It consists of 117 lots, multi-family and residential and more than 10 unique amenities. Aware of the reencounter with nature, we are convinced that it is time to live differently. That is why we created a new way of living and coexisting in balance with the planet's resources. Our architecture will be one with the jungle, it will integrate, preserve and respect the environment, creating a place of peace, freedom, energy, security and privacy. There is a small village, which is only 15 minutes from downtown Tulum and is known for its unique and fine craftsmanship that brings you closer to the heart of the Mayan culture. It is our desire to create a community that values art and nature. The developers are working with some of the most talented and creative artists and designers in the industry, such as PininFarina, They will provide over 16,400 m2 of amenities that will uniquely merge with the jungle, to get all the amenities in the same place. With more than 10 land options in different sizes and designs, this is the perfect balance for all types of developers and investors. BENEFITS OF GREEN SPACES Green spaces regulate the temperature of the area. They improve air quality and water dynamics. They generate well-being and provide the ideal space for relaxation, entertainment and exercise. According to studies, among the beneficial effects are: reduction of stress and improvement of concentration. COMMUNITY AMENITIES Walking trails. Cycle track. Wellness center. Bee farm. Gastronomic corridor, commercial area with restaurants. Areas for bird watching. Fruit tree area (you can harvest fruit). Outdoor cinema and area for artistic performances. Observatory. Orchard and plantation. Organic market. AMENITIES PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL LOTS AREA Outdoor gym Pool Meditation and yoga areas Community dome for workshops Outdoor cinema and children's activities Trail Security 24-7 Controlled access Forms of Payment: 90% down payment / 10% cash on delivery - Discount = 8%. Term 12 months. 50% down payment / 50% 12 months interest free - Discount = 4%. Term 12 months. 30% down / 70% down 12 months interest free financing Contact us to visit or learn more about this property, we can offer you similar options so you can compare and make the best decision, let us help you find your dream lot. Buy your lot and build your dream home in a community surrounded by jungle with multiple outdoor spaces for you to join. #avenidacobalistings #investintulum #lots&landforsaletulum #lots&landtulum #liveintulum #greenrealestate #investintulum #tulumvibe #tulumrealestate #realestatetulum #tulum #tulum101