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Vía Volcán, Santa Clara, Provincia de Chiriquí, Panama

  • Posted: 8/28/2023 3:27:03 AM

$4,672,597 USD

Discover a unique investment opportunity in high-altitude agriculture in Renacimiento, Panama. This stunning 353.78-hectare (874.20 Acres) estate offers an idyllic setting for cultivating coffee, avocados, and other products characteristic of the region. With an elevation ranging from 1,100 to 1,350 meters above sea level, and temperatures varying from 22°C to 31°C, the conditions are perfect for exceptional harvests. Key Features: Prime Location: Located in Santa Clara, Chiriquí, this estate is nestled in a naturally beautiful and tranquil environment. Diverse Terrain: The topography ranges from rolling to rugged, offering opportunities for various types of crops. Rich Ranching History: While currently a working cattle ranch, its potential for producing high-altitude coffee and avocados is exceptional. Access to Freshwater Sources: With three aqueducts and water intakes from the Guisado, Candela, and Chievo rivers, irrigation is secured for your crops. Panoramic Views: Enjoy stunning 360° views encompassing valleys, rivers, and mountains, creating a truly inspiring setting. Accessibility: Three easily accessible routes connect you to the property, making logistics for any agricultural project convenient. Available Electrical Power: Access to the electric grid facilitates the implementation of irrigation and processing systems. Close to Award-Winning Estates: Borders estates that have won international coffee awards, such as the prestigious Finca Hartmann. Investment Opportunities: High-Quality Coffee: Capitalize on the elevation and climate to grow premium coffee, appealing to gourmet coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Avocado Cultivation: The ideal temperature and water access make this estate a perfect location for avocado cultivation. Agricultural Diversification: Beyond coffee and avocados, explore the potential for crops like bananas and other local products. Eco-Tourism Projects: The picturesque environment and lush nature also allow for the development of sustainable tourism projects. Don't miss the chance to become part of the region's agricultural tradition, investing in sustainable, high-quality production. This estate is a blank canvas for your agricultural vision. Contact us today and start cultivating your dreams in the heart of Panama.