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Via San Francesco, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, 56000 PI

  • Posted: 2/6/2017 3:02:53 PM






acres (approx)

6 500 000 € EUR 6200000

Entire Tuscan Village for sale. The Luigi Capeto Real Estate has the exclusive mandate for the sale of a magnificent medieval Tuscan village. Positioned on a splendid panoramic hill of Tuscany the property includes a territory of 18 hectares of land and over 5.500 square meters of floor area to be restored. The investment is the purchase of the village at present whose request is € 6,5 million . Its origins date back to Medieval times, and the structure of the country is that of a castle, which is accessed via a bridge, perhaps originally a drawbridge. Initially under the dominion of Lucca, then passed under the Pisan and in 1362 under Florentine hegemony, thanks to the action of the leader Rudolf II Da Varano, who after winning the siege, he took one of the fortress bell and sent as a trophy in Florence, where he was placed in the balcony of the Palazzo Vecchio. In 1364 the country was destroyed by the Florentines, and the territory was returned to Pisa, following the peace agreements between the two cities. The inhabitants of the village rebuilt again , but in 1406 they were surrendered again to the domain of Florence . The village is now uninhabited and has been reported to the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) in the Survey of the places of the heart to save. There is also a former church dating from the eleventh century, built on a regular square stones and dedicated to St. John the Baptist. It is located in a great scenic area between the area and Volterra, among the hills of Pisa and the sandy gullies in the cliffs that border the area around Volterra. Total sqm of the whole borgo to be renovated is of 5.600 sqm plus the land of 18 hectares.