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Michael Labadie


TRUSTED ADVISORS - KW Commerce Market Center

2730 Union Lake Road

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Commerce, MI


My passion is helping others whether or not I profit.  That said, I'm found in among other places, a book (The Startup Game) with the forward authored by the CEO of Google and now ‘Executive Chairman’ of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.  Add to that, luxury & commercial realtor, developer of mountain-top ocean-view properties hundreds of acres in size, general contractor over some of the most complex critical-systems on planet earth, international governance negotiator and the picture begins to take shape - of someone fixated on honesty and integrity who vigorously represents the best interest of clients.

My passion being helping others, please let me know how I may help you with things related to complex construction, large land-development projects, International real estate negotiations, or anything else.

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