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Neil Goradia

Market Street Realty

4040 South Meridian Street # 19

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Indianapolis, IN

We focus on providing a great customer service. We are involved in all aspects of real estate. We buy houses and we sell houses. I believe there are two interesting aspects to Watson Buys. The first is our data driven approach to customer acquisition. Real estate has long been described as a numbers game in regards to client acquisition. The number of clients you acquire is directly proportional to the number of mailers, post cards, cold calls, and billboards you have in the community. The team at Watson Buys agrees that customer acquisition is about numbers, however using numbers in a data driven, smart and 21st century way. Watson Buys has, and will continue to use data analytics to target and successfully acquire customers. In a world where we are all bombarded with information, advertising and other content, Watson Buys has found this very effective for our ROI as well as branding. Clients appreciate the respect we give them by presenting content and an opportunity to reach us compared to inviting ourselves into their lives. Our second is our focus on the customer experience, which can hopefully already be seen in our first interesting point. Research has shown selling a home can be more stressful than significant events in ones life such as divorce, or even loosing a loved one. At Watson Buys we have a staff focused on understanding customer needs to ensure that their concerns are addressed immediately and to provide a completely transparent or respectful process. Best Company to Buy My House

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1437 King Ave, Indianapolis, IN, USA, 46222

  • Posted: 9/26/2020 7:34:04 PM
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sqft (approx)

Neighborhood: Haughville

$99,500 USD

Presenting a well renovated Single Family Home on the near west side of Indianapolis. Just minutes from downtown. Super cozy house. Make this your new and forever home. Seller financing available. for more info check out Watson Buys is a local company that needs your help. We are the <a href="">Best Company to Buy Your House</a> in Indianapolis and we want to stay that way. Please give us feedback for the future.