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Piero Giardina

Remax Platinum

Viale Teracati

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Siracusa, Sicily


Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not "Galileo Galilei I am a real estate agent and I live in Syracuse. Vision: "Look for your own way, change it as often as you like, follow your dreams. Don't let education, habits, your own preconceptions become a prison. Always have the courage to change yourself, your ideas, your approach, your point of view, because it is the only way to change ... things that are not going well and to improve your life and that of many others ... Think what footprint you want to leave, what difference you want to make ". Cit.S.M. Mission: Before starting his career in the field of real estate brokerage, in May 2018, I worked and lived for over 20 years in Northern Italy and abroad, in the world of commerce and in the management of "large customers" for international companies, the flat glass sector. The experience gained in the use of flat glass, with its most varied applications of the building envelope (double glazing, parapets, doors, windows, etc ...) in the residential and non-residential sector, has allowed me to deepen my skills in economic subjects and management . Today, after an intense and continuous training course started precisely in May 2018, thanks to Remax Platinum, Remax University and Remax Corporate, I continue to update my preparation daily in order to be able to relate, communicate and manage more effectively each type of interlocutor. I constantly prepare myself: “to be a cohesive element for the sale of a residential apartment and for the purchase of a tourist complex, because both mediation, although they require different skills, need the same degree of attention and professionalism " The customer, whatever its origin and need, is for my work, the center of a relationship of trust and value that has its essential elements in: honesty, transparency, patience and competence. In short: "Code and Ethics". Language : Italiano/English/French/Turkce

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