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22 - Vryburg, Vryburg, North West, South Africa

  • Posted: 9/18/2014 2:37:25 PM






sqm (approx)

R24 000 000 ZAR

MAGNIFICENT GAME FARM. This piece of hunting paradise is situated in the agricultural districts of Leleifontein, Honingsspruit and Borthwick in the Province of North West near Vryburg. The area is primarily characterized cattle farming and game farming on a smaller scale. The property is fenced in with a three meter high Bonnox game-proof fence and is operated as a well managed game farm/lodge with conference and accommodation facilities. All facilities are equipped with air conditioners, whilst the finishing is of superior quality. A portion of the land, measuring approximately 20 hectare in extent, has been fenced off for the purpose of breeding exotic game species. This project is in an initial phase. The property is situated along the R34 road between Schweizer-Reneke and Vryburg, approximately 32 kilometers from both towns. The property is located in an area know as the Ghaap Plateau Vaalbosveld which forms part of the Eastern Kalahari Bushveld Bioregion. In general the veld type is a fairly dense bushveld composed of shrubs and sometimes small trees in a mixed grassveld. The principal shrub all through is Tarchonanthus Camphorates (Wild Campher Bush or Vaalbos). The grass is by nature tall, dominated by Themeda Triandra (Red Grass/Rooigras) and Cymbopogon Plurinodis (Narrow Leaved Terpentine Grass/Smalblaar Terpentyngras). The Ghaap Plateau is very flat, sloing gently from 1,250 metres in the East to 450 metres in the West. The rainfall coming in summer ranges from 250mm in the South to 450mm in the North, but is very erratic. In summer, the climate is hot and in winter very frosty. The topography is slightly undulating with two rivers/spruite traversing the property. The rivers/spruite only flow after thunderstorms in the summer. Ample provision has been made in the flow of the rivers/spruite to restrict water erosion to the minimum. All improvements are in excellent condition, with the exception of the managers dwelling, less than 9 years old. It should be noted that all the furniture equipment in the lodge and accommodation facilities consist of hand-made sleeper (Rhodesian Teak) furniture. The property is equipped with the following infrastructure: A 35 kilometer 3 meter high Bonnox Game Proof Fence. A network od well maintained dirt roads serving, amongst others, as fire break roads. Eskom Power. 8 Boreholes. 2 x Submersible pumps. 1 x Submersible pump with solar power. 4 x Windmills. 1 x Not equipped. 5 Cement Dams. 7 Earth Dams. 8 x 10,000 litre and 1 x 5,000 litre water tanks spread over the property, serving the homestead and water-holes. French drain sewer system. Diesel Generator with the capacity to serve as a back up for the entire complex. 3 x Hides for bow-hunting. The value of the lodge includes the business and equipment and is therefore not a true reflection of the value of the improvements only. The lodge can sleep 28 people for catering and 22 people for self catering. Don't miss out on this opportunity of owning your own dream hunting game farm and business. #GameFarm #Property #Lodge #NorthWest #SouthAfrica #hunting #farming #Vryburg