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  • Unlimited connections with agents to build a global referral network
  • Unlimited listing uploads
  • Unlimited referrals and buyer needs
  • Unlimited daily posts
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+ $0 Access Fee
  • See who views your profile and listings
  • Appear at the top of search results
  • Receive alerts for new referrals and buyer needs in your area
  • Receive a Premium badge
  • Unlimited connections with agents to build a global referral network
  • Respond to unlimited referrals
  • Unlimited listing uploads
  • Unlimited referrals and buyer needs
  • Unlimited daily posts
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+ $395 Access Fee
  • Expand your real estate business’ global reach with the Global Elite certification program. Global Elite allows agents to break into the luxury international real estate market.
  • With your Global Elite membership you’ll receive access to proven courseware which includes;
  • A RESAAS Membership plus;
  • Courseware training materials and exam
  • Access to a la carte and advanced courses
  • Global marketing agreements and forms
  • Access to an exclusive network of professionally trained and certified agents
  • One-on-one coaching with real estate expert coach, Olivier Mevellec
A customized solution for broker owners on-the-go, BrokerOSTM provides an all-in-one dashboard to recruit and attract new talent, manage team discussions, view sales activity, and more...
  • Attract & Recruit New Talent
  • At-a-Glance Sales Activity View
  • Team Discussion Management
  • Vendor Referral System
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RESAAS currently has an extensive roster of some of the most progressive associations and franchises using RESAAS' customized solution to handle their growing real estate organization.
  • RealTimeMLSTM
  • Referral Network
  • Events Calendar
  • RESAAS DriveTM
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"A method for our members to communicate newly signed listing agreements in minutes with each other, is becoming a reality thanks to the power and reach that the RESAAS platform provides."

"We here in the International Development Department at RE/MAX HQ love RESAAS. We are utilizing the platform as a way to connect our agents from over 95 countries around the world who have the intent of doing International Referrals."

"The Leads function process worked great! It was extremely fast and my lead was accepted within a short while of posting. I recommend agents to utilize this service highly."


Unlimited Listing Uploads

Keep your profile alive and well - post your entire listing catalogue without any restrictions to your account.

Unlimited Connections

Top producing agents are within your reach. Discover, connect, and network with agents across the globe.

Unlimited Daily Posts

Grow your network by posting more content to your RESAAS account without any restrictions.

One-Touch Social Sync

Posted a listing or shared news from your RESAAS account? Sync your RESAAS account to your LinkedIn & Twitter profiles.


Alerts for Referrals & Buyer Needs Posted

As a RESAAS Premium user, you'll receive instant email alerts when a new referral or buyer need is posted in your area. How's that for getting a leg-up on the competition?

Lead-Gen Analytics

See who's viewed your RESAAS profile and which of your listings are receiving the most traffic.

Priority Discovery Placement

Get a seat at the head of the table with the added benefit of our priority discovery placement. This means you'll be one of the first agents to show up in search results within your area.

Email Marketing Tool

Find out which home features and property types best suit your client with the email marketing tool - shareCRM.


Global Elite is an advanced membership which allows access to an exclusive network of international Global Elite agents. The certification itself is a 30-day, self-paced program that enables real estate agents with the methods, tools, and agreements to boundlessly expand their real estate business on a global scale.

Global Marketing Agreements

Gain access to the right agreements that allow you to co-market listings internationally.

On-Demand Video Tutorials

Start and pick-up courseware where you left off, depending on your schedule with on-demand video tutorials.

1-on-1 Coaching

Receive private 1-on-1 coaching from a global real estate expert.


BrokerOSTM is designed specifically to meet the growing, demanding needs of independent brokerage firms looking to gain access to, and take advantage of RESAAS' intuitive platform. Broker owners can benefit from...

Attract & Recruit New Talent

Get a snapshot on high performing agents in your area to recruit to your brokerage.

At-a-Glance Sales Activity View

See which agents are hitting sales targets at-a-glance with the sales activity dashboard.

Team Discussion Management

Facilitate and moderate team discussions without the headache of long-chain emails.

Vendor Referral System

Refer your partner's client service providers to earn commission.


In addition to gaining access to a total customized solution specifically tailored to the needs of franchises and MLSs, our enterprise customers can benefit from...


Agents can post listings of pre-market status, which are only seen by the members of your organization. Listing data is now more accurate than ever.

Referral Network

Agents can send & receive referrals inside your network, not outside of it.

Events Calendar

Bring awareness and increase attendance of upcoming company events and training sessions.


Provide your agents with access to training documents, marketing materials, and more... all with RESAAS Drive.