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777 Dream Come True, Anza, CA, USA

  • Posted: 4/5/2018 12:40:24 AM

$545,000 USD Avg only $8500 Per Acre

Anza, an emerging community, is located in Riverside County, Southern California, 3921 feet above sea level, covered by Highway 371, only 34 miles from Southern California's most famous wine country Temecula, 35 miles from famous shopping attractions Palm Springs , 143 miles from Los Angeles, only 0.3 miles from the resort area of ??Santiago County, 100 miles to the Gulf. Belonging to the summer Mediterranean climate, the temperature change is obvious, suitable for all kinds of animal and plant growth. Here is the animal husbandry developed areas, with a large number of scientific and technological personnel to enter, here is the original pastoral areas to the modern community change. Here also retains a good natural ecological environment! Every year the celebration of the National Day celebration and equestrian performances, attracting a large number of tourists to participate. Many residents will ride along the Anza Trail roaming, in the southwest corner of the town, there is a casino in operation, to bring a good crowd here and business opportunities! An area of ??64 acres of land is located in the area, where you can apply for a variety of uses, including mansion, motels, hotels, resorts, farmhouse, winery, racecourse, RV village, For pasture, shooting range, golf course, fishing pond, with plenty of lands and wide range of uses, This Land has unlimited appreciation potential and is highly operable.